Shift Master Shift Calendar Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Using Google Calendars to Create a Shift Calendar

A quick and easy tutorial for creating a "never ending" shift calendar using "Google Calendars". For more articles and tutorials like this, visit ...


Demo video for setting up the Shift Master Shift Calendar by Cal30 iPhone Solutions. Find us on the App Store by searching "Cal30".

Apple macOS Sierra: What's New?

Apple's macOS Sierra brings Siri to the mac for the first time among many other features which I cover in this video. You can expect it to be available as a free ...

Learn Google Calendar - NEW! 2016 Tutorial

Click the link below to SUBSCRIBE today! New videos every week. This video tutorial will show you how to use Google ...

The Shift App - Media Creator

Worship media will never be the same. Download the Shift App at Create your own ...

Shift Calendar Quick Start Demo

Shift Worker iPhone App redefines the iPhone calendar for wo Production Shed Pty Ltd has announced Shift Worker 1.4.2, a visual calendar and productivity app for iPhone. Shift Worker is designed ...

Shift Calendar Promo Video

Shift Calendar android app for ideal for shift workers.

Shift Work Calendar Repetition Shift Input

iPhone app "Shift Work Calendar" repetition shift input.

Shift Calendar Kelly Demo

A brief demo showing how to set up colors, rotation, etc... for the Kelly Style Shift Calendar by

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