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I couldn’t get this app to work for 24/48 shifts. Therefore it didn’t meet my needs and I deleted it. Money lost. I wish there was a way to get my money back.

Not very good

Only shows one month at a time. Complicated compared to other free apps.


Thank you for a great app!! Does everything I need.

Great app

Works great


Do not waste your money. Terrible setup not user friendly at all.


Way better than leaky nozzle!

Needs updated

Have had the old one for years and it recently stopped working. I use this everyday for fire schedule. Went and bought new app and its doesn't work either. Please fix, this app makes life so much easier :)

Don't believe this app works with IOS 10

So I've had the free version for years and that stopped working with IOS 10. Downloaded this app because it was recently updated. It does not work, please fix. Will change star rating when fixed. Thanks

Use to love it

I use to love this app. Used it for s couple of years. It was great. Now it crashes ALL THE TIME

Great simple schedule

A great schedule app for any shift you may work. As for the fellow who claims Easter and Christmas aren't on as holidays, he's special, you just have to add Christian holidays as a choice along with US holidays! Overall good app!

Excellent App and even better support.

My whole family depends on this app and I had one suggestion that I made and within days it was completed making it more user friendly for all of us. Thanks guys. Keep up the great work and pushing the envelope.


After the recent update concerning iOS 9, where did the pay icon go for each day?

Some problems but a great app

Newest update came with some problems. I emailed cal30 and I've been updated weekly about the progress of a update coming soon. HIGHLY recommend this app. Can't wait for the release to fix the current issues!! Thank you cal30 for taking the time to update me!


Used to be great before September update. It erases notes, set overtime, and default colors. I expect more from an app I pay for.


This was my go to app for shift tracking and notes. Now ever since updating in September it erases my notes and resets the shift days. Not happy


Used to love this app. but since the Sept. 10th update, notes on specific dates disappear when app. is closed. Sent multiple Emails inquiring but nobody at Cal30 seems to care that the app. we all payed for doesn't work. Time to look for a shift app. that not only works but has support behind it.


Worst shift app ever! Don't waste your $1...there has to be better apps out there. Very confusing to try and set up with very little instruction.

Great Shift Calendar

I have waited a long time for an easy to use and easy to modify firefighters shift calendar. I am on a 48-96 hour rotation and this app worked perfect. Modify the colors and rotation schedule with ease. It places holidays into it and items like vacation and Kelly days. You can add notes to any day or event you want. Was well worth the .99 cents. I would highly recommend it to any shift personnel.

Great app

This app works great and the updates are very stable!

Where is it?

What happened to the payday icon? Please bring it back.

Doesn't allow the customization it claims.

I purchased a 48/96 app from this developer a year or two ago that was great. Apparently they took that app away and this was does not allow you to change the schedule to 48/96. Doesn't offer the customization it claims to. Waste of money.

App does not work

Cannot get this to work on abc schedule calendar is all the same color

How the hell

How the hell do I change it to 3 shifts on a 48/96 shift. I've downloaded all three of the apps and can't figure it out.

Good app for shift workers

I'm glad the crashing is fixed! App works great. Only complaint is that all the dates are underlined now, and it's sometimes difficult to see what days I have events on. But other than that, I would recommend this app to others.

Shift master

It was good. It was great. Now it is worthless. It won't even open. I have emailed and asked them to fix it but they keep saying there is no problem. So I don't know what the fix is and obviously neither do they!

5s / Crashes on Opening

Was a great app for my schedule with the ability to change colors of days for my pt work. Updated it last time now it crashes every time I try to open it. Please fix.


I had this installed on my Iphone, after the last update it started to crash when opened. I deleted paid another 99 cents it's continuing to crash. Please fix it !!!

App not working after update!

I have updated to ios 7.1 and the app fails to open. This is the only time i have had a problem with this app. On my 5c

Easy if you watch demo

When you purchase watch this demo On utube It makes it easy to operate after you view the video . Customer service response very quickly to questions .

Great Product

Great calendar with many customization options to suit any needs. Customer service is very prompt to solve any issues. Highly recommended.


This app is not user friendly. Do not buy. May be better used by shift managers. This app does not stay consistent with the rotation you install.

Can't set it up

Have tried for an hour to Set up my 48/96 Schedule. Followed the instructions and can't get the colors to take etc. have sent an email to the address provided. We will see if they get back to me. I am On an iPhone 5 with iOS 7

No Good for 2 on 4 off

Complete waste of money!!! Don't buy this app brothers and sisters!!! Doesn't work for most California FD schedules.

Shift Calendar Master

Was NOT what I thought it was/wanted, had to buy another app :(



Bug needs fixing

I just bought app and every time I press the setup key to input my schedule it closes.. Waste of money iPhone 4


Great APP. Does everything I need.

Great app!

Easy to set up for any shift rotation. Great app, I use it everyday!


Best fire shift calendar I've run across, and the man provides updates based on user feedback.


Everything I needed Thank you


Real easy to set up to me! Excellent when I'm looking a couple months ahead for vacation

Easy and simple

Exactly what I was looking for. Simple scheduler for my firefighting shifts

Not worth it

Not user friendly, difficult to set a rotating 48x96.

Waste of time!

Just bought this app and it does not work at all. Unable to successfully contact the company. This app is a scam.

No longer works reliably

Used this app and loved it during 2012. After the 1st of 2013 the shifts were off and they were off each month, I would fix the current month and the next month would be off. Emailed the company twice with no response. This app was great but that time has passed.

Shift master rocks!

I am a Houston firefighter, we work a unique schedule. This app is capable of accommodating the schedule. It's great!

Bottom keys not working

The bottom keys are useless because they don't work. If you want them to work you have to reboot the phone. Not worth having right now.

Bottom keys don't work!

This app is useless. The bottom keys don't work so you can't do anything with it.

Best 1 out there!

This is the best shift calendar in the apple App Store. I am a fireman and work full time and part time at another Fire Department. This app is easy to use and the colors make it easy to read. Others are way to complicated. Best shift calendar around.


does not work with ios6 on iPhone 5. wait for update before purchasing.

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